When knowledge is relative

The only things I ever remember are those which I use all the time. People are like that so I don’t feel particularly foreign because of it. Strangely, when people find out that I have a science background they ask a lot of stuff of me.

What is this star called?
What is that cloud called?
What is that tree called?

No, I’m not going to get snarky about biology now, but it is remarkable that I have to explain what I like about this tree: Its beauty, the colours, the shapes, the life in it, the function of the flowers, and all the weird wonderful thoughts that creep up in my mind when walking through that park in Prague.

The thing is, I never know exactly which tree or flower will get me all teary-eyed, but there’s always one. 🙂

© 2018 Alexander Biebricher All Rights Reserved.

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