Kindness in all situations?

I appreciate that those of you who have asked the question I am about to discuss, have done so in direct messages. It gives me the opportunity to talk in each specific case without the fear of insulting others.

What a very reasonable thing to do in today’s internet. I salute you!

Having written that, I will say something publicly here. It came up too much to be ignored and I believe we can all think about this for a second or two: If someone is blatantly wrong and annoying to boot, why stay kind?

Firstly, I think it a natural reaction to not stay kind or even polite. I do not always stay kind in the face of, say, a Flat-Earther shouting at me. In fact, I have written about how I did not.

But keep this in mind: How often do we call things and people “stupid” because we ourselves don’t understand?

That question is quite meta once you start thinking about it – which is, of course, what I want you to do. 🙂

Image: Jan Holmgård

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