Who says there’s “fun” in physics?

Making fun of physics is difficult. Sure, you can go Sitcom-style and make fun of people, the scientists. But making fun of science itself? What’s the Sheldon Cooper of actual science, the nerdy persona/thing, blown out of proportion to become wacky and, thus, funny?

I mean, it’s not like we can’t try:

Remember the two sticks from two weeks ago? That’s a rather simple motion gone all crazy. What can a human add to that to make it more exaggerated and wacky? A third stick? Right.

Or another example: Here comes the Sun. She’s a star. Let’s overdo everything about her and give it a weird name to boot. Oh, yeah, we’ve kind of done that already: Black holes.

Ok, now, what about the whole universe then? Surely, there must be a way to…oh, that’s what “Big Bang Theory” actually is?

Bugger… 😐

© 2019 Alexander Biebricher All Rights Reserved.

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