Weird fact: Science teaches empathy (with yourself, mostly)

Wait, what?

Science, this high-rising, emotionless ivory tower of reason teaches you empathy – how?

One of the tennants of science is the idea that you yourself are the most likely person to be fooled by you. Think about what that really means.

In order to not fool yourself, you need to realize your situation at any given point in time as close to fully as possible.

Am I too tired to see everything I need to see?
What perspective am I missing in the assumptions to my calculations?

These are just examples. We can formulate some of the exact questions differently:

Am I well enough to do this right now?
Am I well enough to be confident in what I am doing?

Again, think about it. As a scientist of some experience, you have a tendency to know yourself rather well. You know your triggers, when to step back and do something else, when to step up and do it.

Not every scientist takes the step of listening to herself and actually stepping back or stepping up in the right moment. But most know. And most do.

(Yeah, Goofy up there in that image is yours truly in front of a robot. What else?)

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