What does it take to geek out about…Hildas, Greeks, and Trojans?

Look at that image. The white dots are what most people are aware of. Even if not-most folks out in the street realise that these are what could have been another planet, most still do know that the asteroid belt exists.

At least, I’d hope to be right in writing that.

See, then there are all the other dots. These are asteroids which, in one way or another have a more direct connection to the largest planet in the solar system.

The ones leading Jupiter are called “Greeks”, the ones trailing “Trojans”. The weird orange ones are called “Hildas”. They stand in what’s called “3:2 orbital resonance” with Jupiter.

Don’t ask. Or do, if you will. This is about school physics gone mad, lagrange points and wonderfully absurd and awesome orbital mechanics.

So, what does it take to geek out about Hildas, Greeks, and Trojans? The understanding that Jupiter is one big-ass planet. That’s what. 🙂

Image source 
Image credits: Mdf at English Wikipedia

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