Parametrization in Quantum Mechanics


The word “parametrization” sounds like something you would love to avoid at the doctor’s office. In physics, it’s one of the most discussed subjects and, for students at least, connected to the most mind-bending of all science.

Yes, we have several degrees of mindbendingness in physics. #mindbendingness

At the same time it’s a simple concept: Throw a stone and think about how to best describe the trajectory of that stone. Pondering how to do it, you will most likely end up finding that time can be a good, here comes, “parameter” to base a description on of what the stone does in the air. You have conducted a parameterization of the stone’s movement. At a particular time, the stone is at a particular place and has a particular velocity…

…yeah, that’s where Heisenberg comes in. I mean it. The link leads to CartoonStock. Click on it, and realise that describing anything becomes much harder, when your rather uncertain of what is real. It’s funny, too.

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