Tough old times


In this image, a bunch of pioneers lift a rocket onto its launch pad. The year is 1962, the day is August 18. Little Norway launched its first object into space from Andøya that day. The rocket was not entirely built in Norway, the USA and Denmark took part in this project, too, but the people you see in the image are Norwegians.

People here look back at that day with quite a bit of pride — not nationalistic pride, simply pride. Given the circumstances, this rocket was about as special as it gets. It had nothing to do with the space race and thus faced challenges both in terms of funding and on the technical side.

Have you ever thought about how times haven’t actually gotten worse? I mean look at the image one last time and read those paragraphs above. Do you understand what I mean?

Image credits: Norsk Romsenter/Andøya Space Center
Image source:

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