Zooming in on a sunspot

Larger image.

There are two conclusions one can draw from an image like this, which shows a sunspot close up.

1. Apart from NASA’s IRIS telescope, which is space-bourne, ground-based telescopes have much better resolutions than their satellite counterparts. At least, traditionally. Truth be told, I am not sure whether that is still case. I think it is, but please improve on my knowledge if you can.
2. The Sun is no white (or yellow) blob in the sky. It’s much more than that. I hope you see that. 😉

At any rate, enjoy this wonderful image taken at what is called the “Big Bear Solar Observatory”.

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Image credits: BBSO/Ciel et Espace Photos
Image source: https://www.cieletespace.fr/actualites/la-photo-la-plus-precise-de-la-surface-du-soleil

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