Fraunhofer, Newton and a cat meme


You have most likely seen this meme. Focusing on the problem alright. If you had to define the “problem”, what would it be?

You may summarize the problem with the question “How do I get out of the cage?”

That’s it, isn’t it? Here, what if the cat thinks “How do I get out of the cage through the door?

Would that change your opinion of the intelligence of this particular cat? Probably not, I’m sure, but there is a distinct difference there. One question is about focusing too much on the problem, the other one is about asking the wrong question. One is much easier to fail at than the other.

Read up on what Fraunhofer did that Newton didn’t if you think I’m just screwing with you now. #GoScience

Now read this:  Imagination and Mathematics: A Tale about Knowledge – 1/4

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