Cherish your imagination. Know what it is.

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Laurelin, the golden tree of Valinor. Do you like Tolkien to the point where you’ve read the complete back story to the Lord of the Rings? I did, but it seems like I’ve forgotten a bit too much about it all. This tree does not look like Ungoliant has devoured its leaves.

It looks like a tree in the chilly June wind of the North, waiting patiently for her leaves to grow and give her energy once more.

Listen, I love stories, I really do, but Tolkien is no match to nature herself when it comes to storytelling. Imagine the billions of years of patient evolution in this universe to get to the point, where, on some rock somewhere in the outskirts of one particular galaxy, some idiot with a camera (say what?!) could stand there to be amazed by a piece of wood sticking out of the dirt.

There are more ways to take this from here than one could possibly think of. For one thing, just imagine the juices flowing inside this piece of wood, from the roots to the tips of the uppermost branches. Imagine how this living thing realises that the short summer is on us after a long wait. Imagine it sprouting, wakening, growing leaves. Imagine the process of photosynthesis, this wonderfully absurd “absorption of light that eventually gives the tree an assortment of different kinds of sugar”.

Imagine your kid being able to do what this tree will be able to do already in a few days. Candy stores’d be all out of business, methinks…

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